Looking for people interested in the roles of Event coordinator and of Event facilitator

Hi Everyone,

As already indicated, we thinking about organising a series of informal training and development events FOR researchers BY researchers to promote a networking/ social environment for UCD research staff. However, to be able to do that we need your help!

We’re looking for people interested in the roles of Event coordinator and of Event facilitator (see description roles below). If you’re interested, please contact us through rsa@ucd.ie!


Outline for Volunteer Event coordinator role – rotating 6 month role

Focus of role: With support from the RSA, UCD Learning and Development and UCD Career Development Centre, plan, coordinate and deliver at least 3 non-academic training/ social events for UCD researchers in a 6 month time period.


  • Meeting with facilitators of events to discuss ideas for events, what facilities are needed for event, timeline etc
  • Planning and coordinating of events including sourcing a venue and liaising with L&D for catering/ other supports
  • Communicating to researchers about event and encouraging other researchers to get involved as facilitators or participants in conjunction with Careers
  • Keeping track of people signing up to sessions and getting feedback on sessions, with support from L&D
  • Providing feedback on the role and contributing to the development of the role
  • Managing your own professional development (i.e. requesting support/ additional training when needed)

Skills/ interests needed: Excellent interpersonal/ communication/ negotiation skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills. An interest in developing a strong social community for UCD researchers. An interest in co-curricular training and development in general.

What you’ll gain from this experience: Solid experience at event management, practical support for improving above mentioned skills (all very useful for CV) and the opportunity to work directly with Careers and Learning and Development to further develop your skills and interests.


Outline for Event facilitator role  

Do you have a particular interest in health and wellbeing or is your research something that lends itself to a social interest session? Would you like the chance to hold an interactive training session with a group of UCD researchers on something practical and useful for them? We want facilitators of all types to come forward and offer to do one, two or a series of informal training/ social sessions for researchers.

Your role: 

  • To come up with an idea for an event and discuss with events coordinator what is needed for the event
  • Draft up a description of the event, which will be send around by the events coordinator
  • Deliver and feedback on your experience of the event

Skills needed: strong in communication and guiding group-processes, creativity and organisational skills

Achieve/gain from this experience: Outreach/ Impact indicator. Improve communication competency. Work directly with Careers and Learning and Development for your own professional development.

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